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Limitless body transformation


Message from Founder

Ashiko westguard

My name is Ashiko Westguard, and I’ve been working for years to help people transform their lives. My approach to health, nutrition and body transformation begins by learning and understanding each client’s personal needs. This starts with an evaluation of brain and gut health along with blood panels to reveal your unique chemistry.

I’ve partnered with my mentor, Dr. Uzzi Reiss, a world renowned anti-aging hormone doctor whose own work in the health and wellness fields inspired me to begin my journey. Working collaboratively with Dr. Reiss, I created the Limitless Body Transformation program to help others progress on their wellness and fitness journey. Our client-centered protocols and individually-tailored nutrition and fitness plans will help you achieve optimal results and discover your body’s true potential. The program provides daily structured itineraries that match your unique lifestyle, wellness, and fitness goals.

What led me to create this program? A few years ago, I experienced severe physical and mental health challenges. I was confused, and my mind was cloudy. At the time, I worked as a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer at Equinox Sports Club. But when I met with my clients, I felt depleted, inflamed, and exhausted. Honestly, I was struggling to keep up with life.

When I learned that I was suffering from hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue, I was able to gain a first foothold on the path to optimal health. From there, my own plan formed based on my body’s specific needs. Working together with Dr. Reiss, I was able to regulate these issues and begin to discover my true balance.

I created Limitless Body Transformation from my own hard won discoveries to help advance the health of other women on their own journeys. With a commitment to physical, mental and nutritional health, I work to bring life-changing results to each of my clients. Catered to each individuals needs and working together, we can reach optimal health, fitness and wellness.