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Ashiko really changed the way I look at long term health and fitness. There’s so much information out there and new discoveries about weight loss and muscle growth that it can be overwhelming. What Ashiko and the Limitless Team provide is a comprehensive organized streamlined approach to achieving exactly what you want. She understood my busy schedule and inconsistent meal preps because of travel and still managed to organize the  supplements in a way that I never fell off track. I’m stronger better and fitter than I’ve ever been in my life.

Thanks Shiko ❤️

You’re limitless for real. 



I can’t speak highly enough of Ashiko. Her knowledge about cellular transformation, anti-aging, fat loss and how to maximize supplements and peptides to benefit all of those is so abundant. She seemed to know the inner workings of my body better than me! And the added bonus- she was always available. Always reachable. She cares on a personal level. Her kindness, knowledge, and genuine affection for wanting people to feel their best permeates in everything she does. I’m so grateful for her entrance into my life. I’ve had more success with her than I did dieting and working out!! She transformed me on a cellular level, and she is essential for anyone who’s looking to transform themselves physically. 


At 74 years strong, I feel motivated and beautiful inside and out. I began a structured diet tailored to my body type that utilized low glycemic nutrients, keto, paleo, Mediterranean, and vegetarian options—and no processed foods. My transformation program also utilized intermittent fasting. For fitness, I started with functional and light weight training with low heart rate cardio.

With the base foundation of the Limitless Body Transformation program, I feel incredible.

— Yael

After years of frustrating hormonal fluctuations and the inability to lose weight, I discovered Limitless Body Transformation. It was just what I needed. I knew I was in good hands with Ashiko. She stayed on top of what was happening daily while helping me make the right adjustments. Both Ashiko and Dr. Reiss were there to answer any questions and adjust the program to fit my lifestyle and schedule.

Ashiko taught me how to train properly at my level while shifting my diet regiment. I feel elevated with my new knowledge of training and peptides. And the gut test was extremely informative and led to many eye-opening discoveries.

I would definitely suggest this program to anyone for all aspects of health and wellness.

— Jessica

Support is unmatched. The Limitless team is available 24/7. Very fast response time. I receive an updated plan for peptides, vitamins/supplementations every week without fail. The team constantly checks in and pushes me for feedback. I felt I was in great hands during my transformation with an MD following each step. Dr. Reiss and Ashiko are both so knowledgable in these fields.

I would definitely recommend this program over any others! It’s hands down the most informative and hands-on I’ve ever experienced. With nutrition and training as a base foundation, we added the use of peptide therapy and supplement support. I was very surprised to learn all that’s available to enhance health, longevity, and happiness

— Nick

Ashiko has fine-tuned the science of Peptides into a streamlined and efficient program overseen by Dr. Uzzi Reiss, a leader in the field. The program is truly limitless in its potential and applications. I personally dropped 30lbs in a short period in a very healthy and sustainable way which supports long-term health. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make healthy lifestyle changes.

— Rupert

I met Ashiko through Dr. Reiss, whom I have consulted with for several years. I had reached some sort of plateau in my wellness restorative program, and he suggested I speak with Ashiko.

The idea of combining my workouts and training with a comprehensive doctor-supervised regimen of supplements, peptide, and anti-aging therapy was very novel to me and felt reassuring. I have gained a better understanding of what can actually be achieved by coordinating and aligning very precisely my fitness regimen with supplements.

I’d felt stuck in a routine where I had accepted that my body was slowly going to limit what I can do. Now I feel that if I work out responsibly—in a manner that is managed well and apply the benefits of a weekly program that is adjusted and calibrated for me—I can definitely beat the odds of my age.

— Pierre


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