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Nicole Dunlap, RD

Nicole Dunlap, RD

My name is Nicole Dunlap, I’m a Registered Dietitian and nutrition coach for Limitless Body Transformation Inc.  I graduated from Auburn University in 2022 with a degree in Exercise Science and a degree in Nutrition Dietetics. I have a history in competitive bodybuilding and grew up in a small town in upstate NY.

During my time at Auburn I did 2 bodybuilding shows with a year-long offseason in between. In total I competed in 6 shows, won numerous first place titles and one overall, and placed 4th at the national level. After graduating and shifting my focus to my journey in dietetics, I decided not to continue competing and am currently enjoying other types of exercise like yoga, hiking, and snowboarding!

During my dietetic internship, I got the opportunity to work with the sports dietitians at CU Boulder in Boulder Colorado and fell in love with the mountains so much, that I decided to stay. 

I’ve now been living in Colorado for over a year and also work as the dietitian in a nursing home. My passion as a RD lies in hormonal dysregulation, PCOS, Endometriosis, and fertility improvement, but my love for general nutrition coaching always stands true.

I take great pride in helping other transform their lives while I’m currently on my own journey of finding further balance in diet and exercise while enjoying my youth, traveling and experiencing everything I possibly can, interpreting and listening to ever evolving science, and evaluating nutrients and ingredients in the foods I consume. I could talk about these topics for hours and am so looking forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with you!

We have a great team here at LBT Method, working with medical pioneers in the forefront of modern medicine, working collaboratively together with transformation specialists  to provide you with optimal health.

Let’s get to work and start your transformation!

Nicole Dunlap, RD